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Sept. 9, 2022

πŸ“ Epic Engagement Adventure: Interview with Sheila T

πŸ“ Epic Engagement Adventure: Interview with Sheila T

On this week's podcast, I'm hosting LU Solutions/Sheila T!  

She is a Strategic Entrepreneur Business Coach and Consulting firm focusing on new and emerging entrepreneurs assisting with growth, strategy development, and sustainable, profitable business models.  Sheila T has created five successful businesses mastering the art of success, failure, and turnarounds. For over 20 years, her focus has been in organizational consulting as well as working with organizations to fulfill their profits through people and accelerate performance for exceptional results. Her extensive experience in business ownership, business development, sales and marketing, and strategic account management, lends to her ability to guide others to surpass their own business goals.  We admire and relate to the solo-preneurs, small businesses on the verge of growth, and those businesses that are just dreaming about their growth. Entrepreneurs hire us to stop the drain and master the gain, because most are making money but seeing no profits and are doing the wrong actions in the wrong order. So, we help them gain clarity and focus to simplify their numbers, unleash endless value, and master their revenue model for a surge of clients. We help empower entrepreneurs to expect more than thought possible in profitability, cash flow, and business/life balance.  

Join us!

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