Welcome to the Adventure, Grasshopper!
Oct. 21, 2022

📍Epic Engagement Adventure: Michael DeLon, Credibility Engagement Genius

You’ve set your mind to it. You’re gonna do it. You’re gonna write a book. Ok, here we go! And then… that blank page strikes. And you’ve got nothing. Why is that and how can you overcome it?💭

In this episode Michael DeLon, a paperback expert and credibility marketer will let you in on a little secret.

This week on my podcast I have a really credible guest! ✨✨ Michael DeLon creates credibility. As the president of Paperback Expert, he helps business owners publish a book that positions them as the expert in their field. 

Business owners seek out Michael to clarify their brand strategy, make them bestselling authors, and set up their profitable podcast. They use his Credibility Marketing strategies to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow their revenue. 

Join us and find out how Michael uses Credibility Marketing strategies to help his clients! 😊😊


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Michael spoke about his free minicourse on saying thank you. 12 minutes long, and could be the most impactful video you see this week. Don't miss it. 



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Interview with Michael DeLon

RJ Redden: Hold on to your goggles. It's time for the Epic Engagement Adventure.

Greetings, grasshoppers. You know what time it is. It is time for the Epic Engagement Adventure. My name is RJ Redden. I create epic engagement experiences for clients all day long with me today. Today. The credibility guy. Yes, he is a guy that will help you with your credibility online. What is it about our, our.

Well, uh, environment that makes people not trust each other? It's because they've been messed with so many times. You need credibility in your life. And this guy also has a way of engaging his clients and his pre clients like I've never seen before, and it is incredible. So, Michael DeLon, could you introduce yourself?

Who are you? What do you do? 

Michael DeLon: Rj thank you first of all for having me here. I have been waiting for this baited breath. Just can't wait to get here for epic. I love, I love that word. I, we can explain that later, but I love epic. Everything epic. So, alright, I'll, I'm gonna tell you my whole story, okay? It's gonna take about three minutes, okay?

And you listen fast because in that story you're gonna find all kinds of nuggets that we can talk about, whatever you wanna talk about. Okay. I'm a follower of Christ. I've been married 32 years. I've got four children, two biological sons who are married outta the house. I've got two daughters who are in the house, 14 and soon to be 12. They're both adopted from foster care. My wife and I did foster care for about eight years, foster 25 kids. When Jill and I got married, this was back in 1990, first five years of our marriage were like this, Rj, we just, we fought because she and I both grew up in church, but nobody taught us how to be married. And so we went finally to a, um, a marriage conference called Family Life Marriage Conference, and they revealed to us God's blueprints were marriage.

I didn't know he had any, and so we, we got his blueprints, we brought them, we started working on our marriage. Our marriage started getting better. This was in the nineties. I was selling in at Christian Radio. I was on a Christian radio station as a sales manager. Now, what I found after two years is nobody wanted to buy Christian radio.

They wanted to sell their products and services. So I either had to become really good at selling or really good at marketing. I chose marketing. I bought the books. I followed the gurus. I went to the conferences. I learned how to do small marketing for small business owners, so my business would grow. At the end of that decade I left Christian Radio and went to a start.com that some friends of mine were starting. Remember when Amazon was just getting started? Yes. Remember William Shatner on the radio, the world's largest book store? That's when I was out selling banner adss to car dealerships and hospitals who didn't even have a website yet.

And so I did that for a couple of years. That company was ahead of its time, Rj, that means they went bankrupt. So I found myself in the, in the living room of my house lookin at the ceiling going, God, what am I supposed to do now? And he, he spoke to my heart. He says, Michael, I want you to ministry to families and I want you at family Life.

That ministry that changed. I said, Well, duh, that that makes sense. So we raised our support as missionaries for two years. Then we moved from Indiana down to Little Rock, Arkansas, which is where family lives headquarter. And I thought I was in Nirvana. I mean, gosh, why would I ever do anything else? This was amazing.

Well, I started climbing the corporate ladder. Six years later, I'm on the leadership team of that ministry, and they start going through corporate reorganization. And so after the third reorganization is rolled out, my name's no longer on the leadership team, Rj. They start shuffling me around the ministry to do different things.

That was the beginning of a two year prison term for me. I was in a job I hated at a ministry I loved. So after two years I prayed, I said, God, I gotta get outta this thing. He's like, What do you wanna do? I said, I'm gonna go help small business owners with marketing because they hate it. They struggle with it and I love it.

And he said, go. On January 1st, 2013, I escaped from prison and I left the ministry and I started a marketing consulting firm. And so I'd call you, I'd say, RJ, I think I can help you grow your business. You'd meet with me. We'd have a great conversation. Somewhere in that conversation, you'd say, Michael, what have you done for the last few years?

Who have you helped? I'd say, Well, I've helped build marriages and families at family. And you say, Michael, that's so honorable. Way to go. Oh look at the time I've got another meeting coming up, let's, let's reschedule. And you do me out the door and I wouldn't get any clients. And I'm like, Okay, this gotta, this gotta change.

And so I went to my church one day, second floors, pacing the hallways. I said, God, how do I help Rj cuz I know I can. And he gave me this idea, he says, Take all your marketing ideas and put them in a book. And so I did. And so in 2013, I published my first book on market. Then our dad call you and say, I think I can help you with your marketing.

You set an appointment, I'd mail you a copy of my book, and a week later I'd walk into your office for our meeting. And there it was. My book was on your desk dog ear to highlight and underline. You'd read my book, and in that meeting you'd say, Now, Michael, in your book, you said, How do you help me do that?

And you hire me. And I started gaining clients and I thought, Well, this is really cool. Why don't business owners do this? Well, it's really hard to write a book, RJ, there, There's lots of moving parts, right? It took me forever to, to get this thing done, lot of nights and weekends. Um, so I created a, a process where we now help business owners, thought leaders, experts create a book without writing a word.

And then we teach them our credibility marketing systems so they can actually monetize their expertise through the pages of their book. So they'll gain clients, get referrals, and grow their revenue. Whew. That's a long story. I'm sticking to it, but that's, that's kind of how I got to do what I'm doing because I realized when I met with you that second time RJ and you had a book, the only thing that changed in those two meetings, It wasn't my background ministry of that changed my understanding of marketing that had changed. It changed the fact that I had a book and I was an expert in your mind. That changed the game plan. That changed everything for me. Now I get to help other people do that, and so I just, I'm really stoked about what I do. I hope it comes across. 

RJ Redden: Well, uh, you know, if people don't have their volume up, it is not, but, uh, we'll get this transcribed.

No, I'm just kidding. Yes. Yeah, Yeah. Coming through loud and clear. Yeah. As you always do, my friend. 

Michael DeLon: Thank you.

RJ Redden: Well, and that's, that's the thing is that, you know, when I was very first entrepreneuring. Uh, I had those questions. It was like, okay, people are telling me I ought to get on stages. People are telling me I ought to write a book.

People are telling me I ought to be out. Be more out there on social networking. People are, you know, it's like, it, there's so many Yeah. Things, uh, so many options that it's almost a, a paralysis of analysis. It becomes like it is. Do your people ever go through that in their journey to decide to write? 

Michael DeLon: Oh, all the time.

And whether they're, whether they're a new entrepreneur or they've been at it 20 or 30 years, they all struggle. And, and primarily because they're, they're not telling their story. They, they're not, they, a lot of people come to me and they are what I refer to lovingly as a coffee bean, Okay, now I love coffee, but if I gave you a bag of coffee beans and you open them up and you pour them out on the table right in front of you, they all look the same. They smell the same. And in marketing, if you look like and sound like all of your competitors, why should I choose you? And I think that's where most small business owners are. Yeah. And so the first thing we always do, and the the council I give most business owners is find out your story, what we call your signature message.

What is unique about you and camp there. Right? Kinda like Rj, right? First person I've ever met who wears goggles. It's like, okay, what is going on? And the cape, and it draws you in. Cuz I wanna, I'm curious now. And then you start, then you meet your, and you're like, Oh, you're really cool. That's marketing. You do a great job.

That's what other people need to do. So yeah, everybody struggles with that. Yeah. 

RJ Redden: Gosh. Uh, and, uh, and I know, I mean, a book is a long time coming for me. Uh, I'm doing it, Michael. 

Michael DeLon: Uh, there you go.

RJ Redden: But, uh, but yeah, I mean, there's, when there are so many options, it's like, uh, you know, why, why should you choose a book over other things?

And so I would like to, like to ask you that, you know, like you, you had said just a few minutes ago, That it's not just about publishing the book, it's about that program after, right? That helps you turn the pages of that into something active and live and something that is bringing in people for you. Uh, could you talk about that a little bit more?

Michael DeLon: Absolutely. Yeah. So, so I, I have this, this thing, I, I call it the myth of Moses. Okay? So in the Bible, Moses, he, you know, they're leaving Egypt and, and he gets to the Red Sea

. And the Pharaoh in his army's coming and, and he's sitting there going, What do I do? And God says, Part the Red Sea. So God parts the Red Sea and they walk across the Red Sea and all of that.

Well, that's what people think. Business owners think that you publish a book and the Red Sea's going to split and the world's going to beat a path to your door. I'm sorry to pop that bubble, but it's just not gonna happen. You've got to know what to do with your book. How do you monetize your book?

Okay, so what a book does or marketing happens, in the mind of your audience. It's how they think about you. And that's why when I published my book and I mailed it to you and you got a copy of my book, you welcomed me into your, into your world. You had pen in hand ready to take down my solutions. It's because you thought of me differently.

I wasn't a coffee bean, I was an expert. And in our culture, experts have books. Okay, here. We all know Simon Sinek. Yeah. Okay. He, he started a, with a Ted Talk. It went viral. Why didn't he just stay doing video? He, you know what he did what he meant and he published a book called Start With Why, and now he gets invited to speak for six figures for a one hour talk.

And now he went back and wrote another book. And, and, and he is got a third book. Oh, do you think there's a formula here? Maybe? 

RJ Redden: Yeah you know, uh, hating to interrupt, but I must tell you one time I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson talk. Uhhuh , and he said, uh, he got finished with the talk, which was amazing. Who, you know that guy of course is gonna blow your mind, right?

Michael DeLon: That's right.

RJ Redden: He, and then he got, came to the q and a and he said, Okay, we're coming to the q and a. It's kind of a dangerous part, uh, because whenever I get a collection of, uh, questions that people ask me over and over and, uh, some knowledge to put to that, I just put it in a book. So, uh, y'all better, y'all better know that, uh, if you ask me a question I've already answered in the book, I'm gonna point you toward the book.

I mean, it was just so funny the way that he came across with that. Just like, Yeah, you, you, you really need to, you have to put it down. Uh, you have to put it down. 

Michael DeLon: You do, you do. And, and it's just the fact that in our culture, experts have books. You look at Simon, you look at Tony Robbins, you look at Seth Go any, they all have books. Dan Kennedy books. Right? So why don't you, you are an expert and, and here's the deal. Simon Sinek doesn't make his money selling his book. He makes money selling his thoughts and his ideas through his book. Yes. 

RJ Redden: You see, that's the thing is that, you know, I met so many authors that are like, I did all this work to self-publish and now 12 people bought it.

Right? What am I doing now? You know what I mean? It's just like, and they, they, you know, they follow the, the logic that selling the book is how we're gonna monetize the book. Yeah. When I write one, I don't wanna sell it. I wanna do like you did. I wanna send it to people.

Michael DeLon: Absolutely. Give it away and become, because here's the deal, here's the truth, here's the reality.

In our culture, it is sacrilegious to throw a book away. And so when you mail a book to somebody, we move it from house to house to house or nothing.

You become a household name, a fixture. That's what you want. Yeah. Yeah. And, and, and I don't know of another marketing tool that really does it like a book. Magazines are there, print newsletters are there. They, they stick around. But nothing has the stain power of a book and the credibility of this. And I think part of the reason RJ is because there's such a high, um, barrier to entry.

It's easier to, It's easy to do a podcast. It's easy to do video. It's not real easy to create your book. Can you do it? Oh, absolutely you can. But is that the highest investor use of your time? There's an argument there, right? So I think the barrier of entry is number one, but also then what do you, what do you do with it?

How do you, how do you monetize that expertise that's there? That's where business owners are just deering in the headlights. They don't know. And that's the beauty of what I get to do is help them learn these systems that we used to, to reach the heart. I'm really big about reaching the heart, RJ, because, hey, I learned this from a, a marketing friend of mine years ago.

If, if you reach the heart, the mind will follow. Yep. Because we all make decisions emotionally, so all of my marketing, as you've experienced, is heart based and that's the, the basis of credibility. 

RJ Redden: Well, and the, the heart based stuff, you know, those are the people I work with, uh, those heart based coaches.

And we want to transform the world. We want to shake the world by its shoulders and, and help people change one, one human at a time. A massive credibility buil builder, a massive vehicle, if you will, into being that expert that people call and, and say, Hey, can you come be on my stage? And hey, can you, you know, uh, collaborate with me on this program.

Huge vehicle to that is the book. And, and it's not about how much it sells, it's about how much it's read. It's about how much is acted upon. Uh, so now, I mean, this is super exciting for me. 

Michael DeLon: Yeah. Well, right. Think about this. Why, why when you reach out on LinkedIn or wherever, any kind of marketing you, what's, what are you trying to do?

You're trying to get a conversation with somebody. Yeah. Put this in their hands and they get to have a one or two hour conversation with you one on one because they're hearing you and your voice and inside your book you can put QR codes to different videos or whatever. So it's, it becomes more interactive and by the time they reach you and have that first appointment with you, it's actually a second or a third appointment because they know you should.

And we, we should talk about this sometime. I use videos in my, in my marketing, lots of them. I just got off of a call with a prospect right before this podcast and she said, Hey, Michael, I've watched all of your videos. Now in my, when, when she set the appointment over a week ago, there are three videos that I asked her to watch before I ever get on the phone with her.

And she watched all three of them, one of them 17 minutes long. Okay. Here's a myth. You have to have short videos. Nobody has attention span. Mm. They'll watch it because they're engaged, right? Yes. And so we can talk about that because again, video's a great way to reach the heart. Here's one of my new pet peeves.

Okay. I get, I got a few pet peeves. Okay. Websites. Most of the websites I go to, it looked like they were, were, were built in the 19 hundreds. They're still all text and stock images. Ugh. Stuck in. Thank you. Why people, We have this thing called video. Do a short video, welcome video. When you go to my website, you're gonna have all kinds of videos and I've got free trainings that are all video based because I want you to get to know me.

Yep. And I'm either going to really bond with you. Yep. And you're gonna say, Hey, I love this guy. Let's do some, some work together. Let's meet. Or I'm going to like offend you. You're gonna say you're just full of huey, DeLon. Great. Goodbye. We're not gonna connect. I, I'm okay with that. That's how marketing should be. So change your website. Put a little video on there. Have some fun. Let me know who you are because I'm, I'm really convinced RJ people are going to buy you more than what you do. 

RJ Redden: That is the truth because there are a thousand, 2000, 3000 million people who do what I do. Why should you pick me? Because you feel like you can trust me and I have the answer to your problems.

 How are you gonna get to feel that way the fastest? Video people. Oh, holy moly. Um, well, so I do wanna talk about that because the big question I always ask folks that come on this podcast is, how do you engage your audience? I wanna talk about you and Loom, Sir. I, let's break down that relationship right now.

Michael DeLon: Yep. I love it. All right. Loom, l o o m is, is probably my favorite software. So it it, if you haven't used it, just go get it. It's cheap. It's like, I don't know, a hundred dollars a year or something dumb like that. And it, it allows you to do really well short or long videos. Right? I just did a, a 37 minute video for a, a virtual stage I'm gonna be on in a couple of weeks.

I, I recorded it in Loom and send it to the presenter. I do a lot of loom videos that are short, very personal. So for instance, I'm, I'm just going to open the gates here after this podcast is, I'm going to email RJ and it's going to be a Loom video and I'm gonna say, Hey Rj, thanks. That was so much fun. I really appreciate you featuring me on your podcast and let me know when everything's out and let's definitely stay connected to see how we can grow together.

Okay? Take care. Yeah. It's a video that comes through and when she gets it, it's me, little gif of me, right? And then she hits the button and it opens up and there's that video I, but virtually guarantee you, it's the only video message you're gonna get. Probably. Okay. You can use Loom on your phone. I've done looms through through text, but what it does for me is it allows me to communicate the way I love to communicate and it shares with you who I am.

I could send that just a text email. RJ, thanks for having me over. Yeah. The Loom allows you to be yourself, to be real and to let people connect with you. So I have a whole thank you system that we develop mm-hmm. that we use in our, in our, in our business, and. I've given you the link. I want you to put it in the show notes.

It's absolutely free training. It's on my website. Just go get, there's no opt in and you can watch me. I think I probably teach for 25 minutes on my thank you process cuz there are four steps to it. And they're all very simple and they're all very personal. And I sent a Loom, RJ was two days ago. I had a meeting with somebody, sent them the Loom because that's my system.

She emailed back to me. Wow. Michael, thank you for that video. That was amazing. Can't wait until our next conversation. Mm-hmm. , I just reached your heart. I will be remembered. Right? I wanna be the first one you think of and the one you feel the best about when you have need for my service. That's heart-based marketing.

That's credibility marketing. That's what we teach our audience. So that's one aspect of Loom. I can, Can I go on? Can I tell you one more? 

RJ Redden: You must. 

Michael DeLon: Okay. Here's the really cool thing. So we all use these calendaring systems like Calendly or Schedule Once or whatever. Great. We use them too, and they have these automated emails that go out, say, Hey, you just got booked.

Hey, appointment's coming up in 24 hours. Hey, in 15 minutes is you right? Those are all kind of bulit in. What we did is we went into that system and, and I, I created, So let's say it's a, um, pre-appointment, somebody scheduling an appointment to talk to me about creating a book. Well, that's great. I wanna talk with you if you understand that you know more about me and more about our process to make sure that we're a good fit.

So I created a 12 minute video. Talks about my background, the story I shared. It, it, it talks about our process, our four step process. It has two client testimonials in it, right? Talks about what we're going to answer or what that call's gonna be about. So in the Calendly email that goes out, when somebody books, there's a link that says, hey, before we talk, please watch this video. It will answer the five questions I normally get. And will help our conversation be more focused on you and your business. And they click that and they watch a video, and then you know, a few days later they get another one. Say, Hey, your appointment's in 24 hours, or whatever it is. Hey, watch this video. It will prepare you for what to expect on the call.

That one's about a four minute video, and then I've got a video that I send out, or a link that I send out right before the meeting. The day of the meeting it says, Here's our zoom. Because I got tired of people saying, I can't find the link. Where's the link? I'm like, I'm going to send out an email to you.

That one doesn't have a video in it. Uh, but it's really, But it's that personal conversation and I have people showing up on my calls now, preconditioned to hire me. Yep. There they are. And it makes that call so much better because they already know I'm the guy they want to work with. If there's a great fit and if they can afford me and all that.

Great. That's, that's the person I wanna talk to. Yeah. And, and they show up on my calls going, Hey, I watched your videos. Thanks. That really, I had a guy last week, two weeks ago, he said, Michael, I watched your videos. I am the exact client you were talking about in that video. I like, That's that's called a buying signal.

Right. He actually, he became a client. Yeah, because we, I, I use Loom to do all those videos because it's really easy. They do transcripts and all that, but it's, the video aspect is showing up real and authentic and genuine through and, and I love that because I'm using somebody else's system to deliver my videos.

Yep. I don't have to create anything but a video. There it is. And you can do that. You can do emails with Loom right afterwards. I mean, there are dozens of ways to use Loom in your business and I love talking about Loom. 

RJ Redden: I can't get enough of it. Uh, I will just say this, everyone, Michael gave me a little email today saying, Hey, I'm missing the Streamy yard link so that we can get on the podcast today.

And I looked back in my emails and I realized, yeah, we forgot to send him the link. And so I grab the link. I, I write a very short email. Hey Michael, here you go. Got the link there and then I've got my sign off, which is currently Bots of Love, RJ . Michael sent me a Loom and told me how much he loved my sign off Bots of Love, and you know what I mean?

It just made me giggle in the middle of my day. Um, and you know, I mean, Y'all, y'all need to get ahold of Michael. Uh, I did do the, I showed this link here. I'll throw out the comments again. We'll have this for the podcast. We'll have this all in the, in the notes and everything. But y'all think about this, okay?

It's a thank you system. Think about this for a second. Google Gratitude Coaching, and how many thousand do you come up with? This is the only guy that's gonna teach you how to th say thank you into engendering more people into your tribe and endearing you to them. The only guy. So hop on that please. Michael, you were gonna say something?

Michael DeLon: Oh, I was just gonna, I was gonna unpack this because it's so Rj we have lost the art of of Thank you. Of gratitude. We have, we have. Okay. So I, I'm, I guess I'm on a mission to bring it back. And here's my, here's my phrase. Here's how you use this system. Okay. So I, I'm on a call with a prospect, let's say, right?

And I say at the, usually at the beginning of the call and say, Hey Rj, can you do me a favor? Because I'm old fashioned. I really like to write handwritten thank yous to people that spend time with me. Could I get your mailing address? Because after this I wanna, I wanna write you a, a thank you. Oh my God, that's so sweet.

I, yes, I mean, I almost had tears in my, in somebody's eyes once. So here's the deal with the thank. I'm gonna thank you. When the call's done, you're gonna get a Loom thanking you. Then I'm going to take a thank you card that we created branded for me. Right. Obviously, but on the inside there is nothing because I'm going to write it.

Yeah. I'm But stamp on it. Mm-hmm. and I'm going to mail it. When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you in the mail? 

RJ Redden: It was about two years ago. It was, and I remember the exact occasion was that somebody that I had joint venture partnered with them on a launch. Uh, she wrote me a note that was, uh, on a popup card.

Right. Um, it was delightful. Yes. But absolutely I remember her. 

Michael DeLon: Yeah. And so we do that and a lot of times I'll include a copy of my print newsletter because on the front there's an article of me and my family, my girls having pizza because why I want you to know me and my family and bond at the heart level.

And then the last step of my system is I, I use a gifting service that sends food gifts out to people. And so you'll get a food item in the mail that's like, um, chocolate covered espresso beans or something like that. It says, Hey, I'm just trying to espresso my thanks for the time that you spent with me.

Oh, Oh, and that's the reaction right there. I get texts, I get emails saying, Michael, thanks. My kids love these things. And I, I become a household name, a household favorite because I'm trying to market differently. Yes. And that's what this thank you system will teach you to do. Go watch it. It's a great training. It's absolutely free. 

RJ Redden: Oh my gosh. Uh, thank you so much for that. 

Michael DeLon: You're welcome. 

RJ Redden: And I mean it because this is, this is where it's at. Yeah. We have to start marketing differently. We absolutely have to. And all of those, all of those heartfelt coaches who have closed their doors in the past couple of years because they hate their marketing.

We need to get out to those people. So if you are within the sound of our voices Yeah. Uh, forward this, forward this to somebody that you know, that absolutely hates their marketing because there is a way different way to do things. It is so much more in alignment with your values. You don't even know how much alignment in alignment of your values it is, and it's so much more effective.

Michael DeLon: Amen. . 

RJ Redden: There you go. Right. 

Michael DeLon: So when I first got into selling years ago, I remember standing in the book, started looking down on the bottom shelf, there was this big red book, Tommy Hopkins, How to Master the Art of Selling. And I remember memorizing all of the tie downs, isn't it? Wouldn't it shouldn't, it can't, I won't that.

Right? All of those things to manipulate somebody. Yes. You saying yes. That is not what we're doing. I'm building relationships. My sales calls aren't even sales calls. They're credibility conversations. Here's my closing question. Okay. Building up when I'm, when I'm on a, on a prospect call, right? We've, we had a great conversation for 20, 25 minutes at the very end, Rj, what would you like to do?

Because by that time, Rj, we've built enough context, credibility. We've gone through everything, you know, and I know if hiring me to help you create your book is the right next step for you. And most of the time people say, Uh, how do we get started? Yeah, great. I'm not a high pressure sales guy. I don't like it.

But we're all entrepreneurs. We do need to sell. It's not selling, it's offering. It's it's, can I really help you? What are you trying to make happen? I just got a phone call with a, I thought it was gonna be a book prospect, her first, right outta the gate. She's like, Well, I've watched your videos to, I'm already a bestselling author.

Don't need that, but I love your marketing. Mm-hmm , and here's what I need help with. And we walked through the whole thing and we finally got to the point I said, you don't need my coaching program. You need to become a private client. Because of what you're trying to do only fits that one category. And I think we can help you.

But I want to go talk to my son and if we can't help you, I will let you know. Cuz I will not start a relationship where it's just, gimme the money, gimme the money. No, that's not what it's about. No. So it's, it's showing up authentically and real. And I think a lot of business owners struggle with the whole selling thing because they do, they don't like, Great.

I don't like it either. Let's get rid of it by preconditioning, by sharing value up front, giving and saying, Here's who I am here. I I don't wanna wait until you get on a call with me to go through my whole dog and pony show and to, and to hold back the, No. The pride, No. I tell people up front. I'm, I'm, If you're just looking for somebody just to publish a book, I'm probably not your guy.

Yeah. Okay. That's not what I do. Now I can get you a book published, but it has to be a platform for other things, for more education, more speaking, more revenue. If that's what you're interested in, then we need to have a conversation. So it, it's just relieving the barrier and just saying, I can we just talk?

I don't have a sales presentation. I have like three questions I ask and then I listen. Yeah. And if I can help you, great. And if I can't, I know people, I can connect you with , anyway. 

RJ Redden: Okay, Well, you and I could go on all day about this . Uh, I'm sure the people out there have things to do. Yeah. So we're gonna wrap it up for this time, but I am just inviting you back now because, because so many beautiful things you shared and you are a heartfelt guy.

You are not a hard sales closer. How's business doing? 

Michael DeLon: Business is up for the third year in a row. We're in our best year ever. 

RJ Redden: You're in your best year ever. And you started doing that during, you started your best year ever. 2020.

Michael DeLon: Yes. It keeps growing every year. And, and when I mean that, let, let, let me sh We're up, uh, every year, 35 to 45% year over year right now.

RJ Redden: There you are my friends. It can be done. You can be a heartfelt person and have a thriving ragingly successful business. Get a hold of this guy Michael DeLon. You know you want to, and thank you. Thank you for being here, Michael. It was a pleasure having you. 

Michael DeLon: You're so welcome. It's such a joy. Every time we talk, I just love it. I walk away with a smile. Thanks for having me. 

RJ Redden: All right. Very good. We're gonna wrap it up here. Y'all, uh, you know where to catch me if you've got any questions. I'm on LinkedIn just all the time. Uh, and, uh, you know, we'll have another one here next week. Gonna invite you to the same bot time in the same bot channel for now.

Bots of love.

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Michael DeLon

Michael DeLon creates credibility. As the president of Paperback Expert, he helps business owners publish a book that positions them as the expert in their field. Business owners seek out Michael to clarify their brand strategy, make them bestselling authors, and set up their profitable podcast. They use his Credibility Marketing strategies to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow their revenue.