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Sept. 8, 2022

πŸ“ Epic Engagement Adventure: Interview with Siddiqi Ray

πŸ“ Epic Engagement Adventure: Interview with Siddiqi Ray

Siddiqi Ray is a groundbreaking Visibility Mentor who has developed her 30-year career as a professional photographer and master mentor to women, into a program to support change-maker women and business owners to master their visibility to enable their success and results in the world. Siddiqi is the founder and creator of the ground-breaking Soul Portrait™ process. For over 30 years Siddiqi has worked with world-leading organizations and leaders including The Mayo Clinic, Target, The Associated Press, The Navy Seals, The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Deepak Chopra, and The Kennedys to support their visibility and work in the world. Siddiqi was also awarded the Icon Award by the International Women's Economic Forum for her work with women community leaders.  Don't miss it!

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