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Tommi Murshed-Parish

Hi I'm Tommi. Thanks to having aspergers, I grew up with no clue when people were either hurt, spooked, or amused by whatever I said.

Life saw many setbacks; knocked around at school, bullied at the office, struggles to make friends and build a career.

So I learned how to survive through reading people's eyes, voice tone and body language, and making them keen to open up.

Thanks to this and my video background, I now get hired by coaches (and their clients) to turn their best prospects into paying clients, using client feedback filmed over zoom.

Feb. 23, 2023

📍EEA: Attract The Right Prospects With Tommi Murshed-Parish

Ever since it became possible for us to communicate through video, we started using it for everything: calls, promotion, marketing… If done well, it makes us trust the person speaking to us. We can all tell the difference between fake …

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