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Bonnie Schutz

Bonnie is a 27-year executive assistant turned corporate dropout - turned entrepreneur in her "second act." She is the founder, CEO, and Sr. Recruiter at Tandem Resource Solutions (TRS), headquartered in Colorado. It is an almost 8-year-old boutique Virtual Assistance (VA) agency and Administrative Recruiting firm for direct-hire roles. Aside from managing her day-to-day company initiatives and team of over 30 VAs, she is an Amazon Best Selling Author, event panelist, and master networker. She especially loves to support and connect with single mothers/fathers, Stay at home parents, military spouses, and women like herself, who may have been "aged out" of their corporate positions. She loves to inspire others with her story of coming from a place of insecurity and imposter syndrome to finding where she was meant to be.

May 18, 2023

📍EEA: Finding Where You Are Meant to Be with Bonnie Schutz

Bonnie Schutz’s way wasn’t an ordinary one. That’s why I felt it was important to put it out here and share it with you. Listen to her speak about how stars aligned to make her business happen⬇️⬇️ Get hold of …

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