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Oct. 14, 2022

📍 Epic Engagement Adventure: CORE™️ Communication with Lesley Nase

What’s CORE approach, and how can it help you grow your business? Lesley Nase might have some ideas for you. 💭💭

Lesley's way to engage is something so simple, you'll smile when you realize what it is. Enjoy!

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Interview with Lesley Nase

RJ Redden: Hold on to your goggles. It's time for the Epic Engagement Adventure.

Oh, greetings, grasshoppers. I have searched the internet. I've scoured the planet, and I have found Leslie. Nice. Leslie is a friend of mine. All right, we're close. And, uh, she is a genius. Uh, she is brilliant at finding the core parts of your personality and being able to speak your language. How useful is this?

Wouldn't you love to have it on every sales call? Maybe you. Uh, let me, let me just say she's magnificent. She is talented and clearly gorgeous. So, Leslie, tell us who you are. Uh, and everything about Jeff. We got 30 minutes, , 30 minutes. Okay. I, I, I can probably fit it in a symbol.

Lesley Nase: So I'm Leslie Nase, and entrepreneurs hire me to get to the core of communications because most fail to speak the language of their listeners.

And are missing out on connections, relationships, and resolutions to maximize success. So I help break down the barriers to leverage. I'm sorry, I have my kitty cat in front of me.

RJ Redden: It's okay.

Lesley Nase: Uh, conversations for collaborations and conversions. Bottom line. Our core communication system quickly turns connections into cash.

So that's my infomercial. That's what I do. Um, yeah. As a communicator, you know, and the, the best way for success, like you were talking about sales, you know, to have real success is to be, have powerful, authentic communication with your people. And that's so important. And even your.

RJ Redden: Oh, well, absolutely. I've got, uh, as you know, my, uh, my pet bed is at my elbow constantly.

Uh, and we've either got one or two on that all the time. Uh, but, uh, but yeah, like the, the common language, uh, barrier is English. Uh, we're all speaking our own form of it. We all think that everybody wants what we want. We hope that people will respond to that message. What we failed to realize is that that person could, maybe, doesn't understand us at all.

Lesley Nase: No, No, and this is such a common problem because, you know, we really, we don't get out of our own ways. We don't know who we are as a communicator, first of all. You know? And if you don't know yourself and you don't know how you talk to someone else, how are you really going to get their message across in that, you know that?

So it's like the first step. Becoming aware of what kind of communicator you are, and that's what CORE is all about. You know, real quickly, I'm not expecting your, your, uh, listeners to be writing all this stuff down, but, you know, C is for, uh, catalysts. You know, there are some people who just are like out there, they get an idea and they go with it.

Oh is for your optimizers. You know, optimizers and optimizers are those ones who are going to have like all their folders all lined up. Everything's got place and a time. Yeah, it's all right there. And in fact, you know, if I was an optimizer, I would have all my books color coded and in the right spot and heights probably.

But I don't because R is for Relators. And that's who I am. I lead with my heart. I'm a Relator. I'm probably, first thing I might have said is, How you doing today, RJ? You know? Mm-hmm. and what's going on with you? And then we have our Experts. Now those Experts are the ones who are gonna be leading with their brain.

They are the one who want to know the facts and the figures. Where did you get that information? Where did that come from? You know, is that true? And yet we all kind of filter down into these personality types, and it's not that you pigeonhole or anything else, it's like anything. It's a tool. If you can start to understand how you communicate to other people, then you can also understand the other person that you're talking to and you can figure out where they fit in.

And the lastly in this, when you understand them, then you know what to say and how to say at any time, whether you're making new connections, whether you're collaborating, whether you are, um, having, looking for resolutions. Cuz nobody wants to have a conflict.

But wouldn't it be nice if when you had to talk about something that's not so easy to talk about that you understood where the other person was standing so that you could then put it in a way that they would understand what you're saying instead of them glazing over and going, I have no clue or being, but this is my way. And you know, there's more than one way. Most definitely.

RJ Redden: Yes. There is more than one way.

And you know, I mean, I'm, uh, also a CORE uh, person. What it's allowed me to do is instead of approaching every human being as a complete blank slate, and I have no idea what they're thinking, where they're coming from, where they've been, I just got nothing. Uh, I feel like I need to, you know, collect that information in order to be able to proceed comfortably in a conversation. With this system that you teach. I, I can start. , uh, I instead of at the starting line, I can start halfway through. Here are some things that I know here is some education on where this person might want to go in the conversation. Um, you know, here are some things that I know this person will resonate with. It is so much easier to have any kind of conversation.

Lesley Nase: Oh yeah. I absolutely agree. And, and think about that in terms of sales. You know, I don't care who you are, if you go, I'm not a salesperson. Oh, yuck. Sales. Well, forget that you're selling yourself all the time. Yeah. You know, you, how you present yourself is like a sale, you know, in one way or the other.

And if you can sell, at a point where you understand and get that information from somebody in front of you, then you kinda understand what the benefits for them might be. Yes. You know, their learning styles and , it, it makes a lot more sense to be able to put it together for them.

RJ Redden: And, and that's, that's what they say. Right? Don't tell people about the features, tell people about the benefit. The benefits to somebody who is a Relator might not be the same as the benefits to somebody who is a Catalyst. You want benefits that they can resonate with, that they can feel right here, and it's almost impossible to do when you walk up on somebody and you don't know a darn thing about 'em.

Lesley Nase: Yeah. So it's a great system for helping you quickly, You know, our, our eyes are the biggest, um, organ that takes in information, you know, and believe it or not, we take in information so quickly that we don't realize that. So when you have a CORE system and you start taking in that information, it is now like our brain, um, is like a big file cabinet.

It knows that you've had this experience. And so sometimes it goes, Oh, what's that? Like that new experience? What's, Oh, it could be like this. You know, it wants like and like, and so it kind of attributes that to you. So that's how the brain will work with this system, because it will start to figure out, once you learn it, that person is similar to this.

So, oh, now I know how to talk to them. How I know, and now I know what I could say to help them along their path.

RJ Redden: Yeah. Yeah. And I, I know a lot of sales systems are built on personality recognition. Hmm. Um, and, uh, and this is, uh, this is one of 'em. Um, you know, uh, I, I learned it from Jane Powers. I'm sure you did too.

Lesley Nase: Yeah

RJ Redden: . Um, how long have you been working with CORE?

Lesley Nase: Oh gosh. Um, I, you know, it's uh, six, eight months, something like that. I mean, not that long, but if I really back up, one of the reasons, and you, you know, you talked about Jane Powers who, it's her brain child, what she put together, and I work with Jane as my business coach and very quickly at the time when I was talking to her, my communication skills were in the energy healing, um, realm. And I still do, you know, as, as a animal communicator, as a shamonic healing. But what I discovered, um, you know, cause I've been doing this 30 years, it's all about communication. It's all about what I'm picking up and what I'm seeing, whether it's from the people point of view or the pet point of view, it's, it's all there.

And I understand quantum physics and how that works, and lots of times people would be saying, Just fix it. You know, fix my pet, fix what my illness, whatever it is. But they didn't understand and they weren't ready to know that they were entangled with their environment with the people or the pets that were around them, that they were giving back and forth.

And so it was a different type of communication and things that I had studied. And Jane just went, she says, You're talking CORE Communication. I was like, What ? And she's like, Yeah, I think this would be a good place for you to start studying to be a trainer. It's a proven system. And so, yeah, it was like, um, what is that?

I wanted to say I, I did never felt like a fish outta water, but I felt like, oh my gosh, suddenly I'm breathing and going: this is easy and it's fun, and yes, please. I'm ready. Yeah, so it's been great to expand on, on that. And I love talking to people, you know, and helping entrepreneurs and helping women in particular, in, in, in many ways, uh, because they're, there are up and coming entrepreneurs and it doesn't matter what age they.

And they are definitely, and they have a lot to offer. And out there.

RJ Redden: You know, it, uh, you know, somebody and I, a friend and I were just talking today about how, you know, when you think of corporate, it's white, middle-aged male leadership. When you think of entrepreneurs, like it's all the people who don't wanna go into corporate because we won't probably be listened to anyway.

You know, I mean, it's the women, uh, you know, all, all the rainbow of diversity and fruit flavors is with us. The entrepreneurs. Um, yeah. Well, and, and it can be used, CORE can be used, uh, definitely for sales. Y'all wanna use it there. I use it there, uh, successfully. I might add wink away. Um, but also, when I'm having a conversation for the first time when I am looking to collaborate with another human on a project, which I prefer, those, I absolutely prefer, uh, not doing events just by myself, but by, you know, uh, teaming with other people.

And I need to know, you know, before we go into a collaboration, which is gonna take a lot of time, uh, some money probably, uh, I wanna know, you know, is this person uh, gonna resonate with my personality? What do we have in common? What do we not have in common when, how do I need to switch when, when there's a potential conflict coming up?

These are all things that are, that are, you know, a central experience to CORE is figuring that stuff out.

Lesley Nase: Well, and I absolutely agree. You know, and I'm at a point of wanting to hire a few virtual assistants or people in my life. So I'm looking for a team. Do I want people like me as a Relator all on my team?

No, we'd never get anything done. I want some of those. I want a Catalyst. I want, you know, an optimizer. I want the Experts. I want them there on the team because it's going to create more balance. And, and that's what you, you want in your collaborations and whatever you're moving forward, and that balance is so important.

RJ Redden: It, it really is. I mean, if I think about my team, uh, the chief person that I work with pretty much on a daily, uh, his name's Robert and, uh, he is out in Croatia. He is my, he is the, the brain, uh, behind all of the programming that goes on here, he is not a Relator at all. Uh, he is an Expert and an Optimizer in that order.

He, he is wonderfully inventive and creative. Uh, but when it comes to conflict, like I really have to change my channel. Uh, to be able to understand not just the things that he's saying, because honestly, sometimes my programmer talks and I have no idea what he's saying, anyway. Uh, but not just understand the words, but understand the motivation behind the words, the passion behind that, where he is coming from as a human. Not necessarily, you know, just what he is saying right now. It, and the, you know, my, my guy and I, we have conflict sometimes. Uh, but it's a, it's a resolved conflict. It's not a, you know, oh my gosh, I need to find another programmer. It's, this is the one that I love to work with, and I know that we can work through stuff because we can understand each other on a different level.

Lesley Nase: Exactly. You know, and that's like any relationship that you have, whether it's a working relationship or a partnership in, in your personal life. It's all about kind of give and take and understanding on that. And when you have somebody who comes from a different culture than you do, whether it be from a different country culture or a different, uh, religious background or even technical background, that versus a non-tech background, you know, you've got to find and have common ground. And so that's where CORE can really help you develop that relationship, whether it's in just working on projects or having to resolve conflict. So, yeah.

RJ Redden: Yeah. Uh, well want to take a moment. Uh, this is our scheduled commercial break, ladies and gentlemen.

Uh, and all coordinates in between. Uh, I just wanna take a second to thank everybody, including Ms. Leslie here that attended Power Networking yesterday. It was an amazing event. We had people I've never seen before. We have people we, I've known for years all talking around a table about what's going on with them, learning how to network in some cases, uh, learning different things and just connection and community rules.

I know y'all know that, but I just wanna tell you again and, uh, the, the next one's November 16th. Uh, it's a Wednesday, three to five Central. Uh, I'll be sending out some invites about that, but if you get an invite, hop on that invite. We want you there, especially if you're serious about connection and community, uh, and forever. Whoever was there join the We Kick Bot Community. Uh, it is, we've got a space set aside for Power Networkers, uh, so that we can keep connecting all month long. Why wait people, why wait, ? Uh, so that was our regularly scheduled commercial. Uh, and, uh, back to you, Leslie. Now I'm gonna ask you the question. That I know is brimming upon our listener's minds because this is why they listen to this podcast.

They wanna know how do you engage your audience

Lesley Nase: Right there.

RJ Redden: I'm sorry. I did not catch that.

Lesley Nase: You have to be watching because I engage my audience with a smile.

RJ Redden: Mm. All right.

Lesley Nase: No matter what, if somebody can see you, then they see that smile. If somebody can't see you, they can hear it in your voice, and I learned that ease. Or early on when I did a radio shop.

Because your voice is, uh, if you are down and drab about something, then you speak like this. Then your listener, yeah, they're gonna be nodding off. Yeah. But if you have a smile and your voice carries light and interesting, and some points are really made, like, Wow, you're not gonna believe this. Then the listeners are there with you and they're tuning in and, and not, and if I can, I'll tell you a quick sw, uh, story as to why I smile.

RJ Redden: You must.

Lesley Nase: Okay. So as your, your viewers might be looking and they're going, as I get many people go, like, What's that on your face? Well, it's a birthmark. I was born with this birthmark and yeah, it's pretty big. As a little girl, my mom's favorite story, and she just turned 93 last month is when she and I were walking down the street heading to my father's office, and I was pretty easy go lucky kind of kid, you know, skipping around instead.

And she noticed that I was scuffling my feet and stomping down the road and she stopped and she looked at me and she says, What's the matter? And I looked at her at her and said, I don't like, I don't like people staring at me. And my mother in her infinite wisdom looked at me and said, Did you forget to smile at them?

And with that, I had a smile, she said, and I started skipping down the road again. And from that early age, it was always a sense of you wanna engage people, smile at them, they're looking at you, they're staring at you, they're curious, they wanna know. And once you satisfied, especially little children, they always, if you could satisfy what it is then they're happy. They're okay. You tell 'em no different than you. You know, some of you have freckles, some of you have molds, some of you have blue eyes, some have brown eyes. We're all different. We're all unique in the way we are. The adults sometimes they'd like to say, Do you know that you could have X, Y, Z, whatever it is they wanted to sell me on that, and I'd just smile at them and say, Thank you. So it's a smile.

RJ Redden: Yes. Okay. For, for the podcast, uh, , just smile. Uh, I was, I was waiting for your answer and going, Oh, Uhoh, Uh oh. , I'm looking at the camera and you're over here.

Lesley Nase: Yes. And I had leaned into you as well and kind of smiled, so yeah. That, so people who are just kind of listening, it's like, what was that ?

RJ Redden: What was, what's happening over there?

Lesley Nase: Um, a pregnant moment.

RJ Redden: I, I agree. People are magnetically attracted to happiness, to confidence. To whatever vibe you're putting out when you're smiling. It's a whole different vibe than when you're fearful or frustrated or depressed or, you know, anything else.

You know, the tone, the tone of your voice cannot lie. Yeah. It cannot lie. Even actors, right? I used to be in theater. I know it's a surprise to everyone. I used to be in theater, and actors will, especially the method type actors, they will dig into something deep in their, in their life that informs the emotion of the moment because your voice can't lie, right?

Yeah. If you're happy, if you're passionate about what you're talking, Uh, people are magnetically attracted to that. So,

Lesley Nase: And it comes across, absolutely comes across.

RJ Redden: It really does. Uh, and that's something you can do for free today, right now, everybody.

Lesley Nase: That's right. So, um, walk down the street and smile.

RJ Redden: Well, and you can use it, uh, you can use it in your digital marketing too, you know?

Uh, what's to say? You can't throw up a banner on your next email out to your tribe with a great big smile picture of you, you know, great big smile on your face. Why not? Yeah, why not? We need more love out there, people.

Lesley Nase: Definitely. Most definitely.

RJ Redden: Well, where can the world get ahold of you? What gifts do you have for my audience today tell me everything.

Lesley Nase: Where can the world get ahold of me? I think the easiest way to get ahold of me is the, you know, if you've got, my first name is lesley@lesleyenase.com. So my first and last name, Leslie Nase. You can, um, get ahold of me right there. That's a.com, that's an email address.

Okay. Right. And, um, I'm on LinkedIn and, and I'm doing a switch over on my LinkedIn page, but you still, you know, be a friend there to me. Uh, I would love to see that. Um, and what do I have for your audience? I have a CORE Communication free asses. It's an assessment code that you can go ahead and take the code and figure out which one you are in the CORE.

RJ Redden: Beautiful. Do you have a link or something with that?

Lesley Nase: I do. Did I send that to you in the private chat? Do you see that there?

RJ Redden: Oh, hold on, everybody. Streamy Yard has a private chat. Oh, hey. There we go. Perfection. Uh, let me throw that out into the world. This is where you go, uh, to, uh, to grab that quiz. Um, and let me show that as well.

Uh, yourcoreassessment.com is where you go and you can take Lesley's quiz that will guide you through, what is it, 20 questions there.

Lesley Nase: I think so they're actually going to get to see the lovely founder of CORE Assessment JM Powers, because her face will come up on that when you see that. But okay. Just go through and it will come to me.

So then I have can connect to you, come to that same address with, you know, the email address so we can chat about what it was and. You know, give you more information on it, that's for sure.

RJ Redden: Beautiful. Well, uh, that is, uh, you know, that about wraps it up for us today. Take advantage of the quiz, find out what that has to say about you, because that starts to inform what you see in other people.

Being able to read other people and communicate without English being the biggest barrier. In your communication.

Do you have any final, uh, final words of wisdom for the people?

Lesley Nase: Final words of wisdom? Um, you know, it's in sales or in life it really is about the relationships that you build and that if you're building a relationship and giving of yourself, then you might be surprised what you get in return.

RJ Redden: Beautiful. Beautiful. To me, that's at the heart of everything building relationships. Well, I cannot thank you enough for coming by and to share your genius with us.

Lesley Nase: Oh, my pleasure, . Uh, I love it.

RJ Redden: Uh, and anytime when I get to talk to Leslie, it's a very good time. Uh, so thank you of course. And, uh, also just wanna, uh, shout out, uh, give a final shout out to, uh, the Small Business Virtual Extravaganza. Ah, yes, that bad boy, uh, is actually starting today. There's a little bonus meeting for everybody. Starts tonight. It's free. People just go take advantage of it. Uh, Small Business Virtual Extravaganza. I'll, I'll pop my link into the, uh, the chat here, uh, so that you can go check that bad way out or just Google it, you know what I'm saying?

Uh, it's a free event. Are you speaking at that thing, Leslie?

Lesley Nase: I am speaking at that thing.

RJ Redden: When? Huh? When can we catch you?

Lesley Nase: Oh, I am Saturday morning Eastern. Standard Time. I think it's 10. 10.

RJ Redden: All right, Beautiful.

Lesley Nase: How about yourself? What time are you?

RJ Redden: Oh, you know, uh, I'm gonna be speaking, I think it's about two o'clock in the afternoon. I am gonna be speaking right ahead of Jane Powers. Let's just, let's just be honest. Nobody wants to go after Jane. Um,

Lesley Nase: Oh yes I did. I wanted to go the next day. I didn't wanna be close to her. I wanna go the next day.

RJ Redden: Yeah, as long as I'm not going directly after I'm fine. I know. Yeah. But, uh, but yeah, we're a bunch of speakers going to be a lot of takeaways. Blaney Teal is putting that on. If you know Blaney, you know it's gonna be a fun time. Super interactive. She is not doing this on Zoom people. She's got a whole new solution going on. So take advantage come, come. It's a free ticket. Uh, lot of great speakers, interactive format, you're gonna love it. So that's all I have for today.

Um, I am so grateful that you came to see us today. Uh, it has been wonderful sharing with you. We will have you on the, on the show again. Um, and, uh, that's it. You go to yourcoreassessment.com. Take that quiz, make that happen, and I will see you all in a bot. Bye.

Lesley Nase: Bye.

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Lesley Nase

I am Lesley Nase, Creator, and CEO of ‘Intuitive Animal Communication and Healing’. I am the host of ‘Books, Yarns & Tails’ on Win Win Women TV. For more than 30 years, pet people have hired me when conventional healing methods failed to answer their questions.

My gift and passion have allowed me to help hundreds of cats, dogs, and horses, as well as people, access their innate healing abilities, get to the root of their imbalances, and restore themselves to optimal health and wealth, naturally and holistically.

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