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April 6, 2023

📍EEA: How To Live Your Best Life Possible With Sang Thi Duong

What will you regret on your deathbed? Will it be not sending enough emails, or not spending enough time on social media?

Sang Thi Duong has some ideas on how to use better the time we have⬇️⬇️

My guest Sang Thi Duong spends her days connecting with people, building relationships, being an ultimate connector aka referral master, and coaching/training Single Mothers to live the most ridiculously amazing life possible -- on their terms.
She made it her mission to leave people better than how they entered her life, so why not listen to this episode and get a little glitter thrown your way?

Get hold of Sang here: meetsang.com

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Interview with Sang Thi Duong

RJ Redden: Hold on to your goggles. It's time for the Epic engagement adventure.

Hello. You've been waiting for this moment all week. I know you have because we've got someone amazing for you today wearing a crown that she should be wearing. Miss Sang is in here to talk to us. Sang and I have been friends for years. We met many moons ago. Another coach, I think united us in that group.

And I've been taking life tips from this woman ever since. So I wanted to bring her on so that all of you could know the glory, the fabulousness of sang. How are you doing today?

Sang Thi Duong: What is going on? Today I am doing fantastic. I am sitting in the parking. Little space of the library that has a, I had no idea.

It has a coffee shop inside of it. So I think that is the coolest thing. I never knew that about this place. So that's where I'm coming to you from today. And yes, people are probably staring at me with my crown and I do not care. That's right.

RJ Redden: Yeah. Now y'all know why we're friends because. Yeah.

There is no shame in our game. Like a attract, so saying tell the world what you do.

Sang Thi Duong: That's great. We were just talking about that prior to this. So depends on the day, right? Ultimately, I teach women, mostly single moms how to live a ridiculously amazing. And to be able to do that with simplicity and ease, there's so many things that are torn.

Like we, women as women, period. We have this invisible workload, right? You can literally ask me something and a man, let's just use a man. A man can literally be sitting next to me, ask me a question and be like, Hey, what time does this happen? It's dude, you're on your computer.

Look it up yourself, but it's like, what do we do as women? We just go look it up for them, right? Because we're just like, why are you just like this? It's the same thing when you have kids, right? You're just doing this, you're doing that, you're trying to get all these things together. So that's, the invisible workload, so to speak.

Our work really never ends. Like when people used to say, when I started working from home when I was a single mom I'm still a single mom. And they're like, oh, you must, your life must be so easy. Because I work from home no. Cause when you work from home, like you wanna wash the dishes, you wanna do the laundry, you want someone else to clean the toilet.

Like all these things. So it just became, it's just, I just think tiny pleasures, little simple things that you can tweak to live whatever kind of life you want. Less stress, no drama. Just have fun and walk around with the crown all day. I don't do what you. Yeah.

RJ Redden: Life's too short to not be doing what you want.

Sang Thi Duong: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

RJ Redden: I have to ask cuz it's right in the title. How do you live your best life possible? Tell me,

Sang Thi Duong: Make things simple. When you become more when you learn how to become more of a responder than a reactor to life, things become much simpler.

And it's such a, it's such a interesting journey to go through and to go on As you're learning how to respond rather than to react to things that happened. Like defensive driving. I'm trying to think of a perfect example. Defensive driving. You're learning to pay attention to everything so you know what kind of move you're gonna make, right?

It's the same type of thing, rather as if you're one of those people who drive and text and da. And then you look up and you're like, oh, and you have to do like that. That's a reacting moment. And then next thing you know, you're fishtailing and all this stuff and life's just outta control. That's literally.

The same thing, right? And it's about being in tune with your emotions to understand what you're going through, but also being aware of what's going on with maybe somebody else. Cause a lot of times we react to someone else's inab inability to be emotionally in check, so to speak. And so just being able to identify that and be so self-aware, it just makes life so much easier and you just go, and you just, and it's just one of those things that's the hugest piece, right? And it's such a huge piece because it's not about going to get your favorite water bottle, right? Because this thing right here makes me drink more water than I've ever drank in my life. Okay. Or making sure that I have my favorite sunglasses or anything like that.

Like those are great things too don't get me wrong, but that emotional intelligence of being able to have that selfa. It's so huge that you kept your whole entire, like your whole entire life changes with you, the people around you, kids, whomever.

RJ Redden: And so that difference between reacting and responding one is rather instinctual.

You don't necessarily give yourself time to think about what's going on because you're trying to avoid something terrible. And. Recognizes, responding, recognizes that you. You don't have to react right away that you can, that you do have a choice, it almost seems

Sang Thi Duong: Yes. Yes. And usually the best thing is there's a few emotions that people gravitate towards.

One is anger, right? What do we wanna do when we get angry? We wanna respond. We're like, oh yeah, this is what you said. All this stuff. Or you get an email that someone that said something that you don't like, and you automatically just wanna just go, to all this stuff. And next thing you know, you've said these things, but you were saying them out of anger, right?

It's take a step back and be like, what is this feeling of anger? What am I angry about? Am I angry because they didn't hear me? Am I angry because they didn't understand what I'm saying? And like if somebody, older people, you say something and then you say it louder.

As if they're gonna comprehend it. It's kinda like that. And so you're really thinking about, what am I really angry about? And so when you're able to sit there and identify what you're angry about and then really take a step back and say, how do I wanna handle this? From the clear space, the clear mental space where there's no anger and just allow yours, no, no one.

The email's gonna be there tomorrow when you wake up. It's not going anywhere. And nobody says, we live in such a society where it's like you have to respond right now. You have to say this right now. You have to re reply to me right now. If somebody sends you a text, they're like, you have to text people right away.

No, you do not. And if anybody I've learned that from was you when we did own the No, about five, six years ago. And now I just tell people, no, thank you. It's not in my pleasure. Wheelhouse. Yeah. Period. And that's it. That's it. There's no more discussion. I don't have to give many reasons, anything like that.

But also it's just you get to sit back and go, what do I really want? What is really gonna make me happy? Is this how I wanna live my life full of anger every day? The answer is no. Not me. I don't think anybody else wants to, but I definitely do not. Yeah. Yeah.

RJ Redden: That what Sang was referring to there is about, before I did bots I I did kind of technology coaching and some other, mindset type stuff.

And I had a, I had, it was like a 24 hour challenge, own the known. 24 hours, no matter what anyone asks you, say no and own it. Oh, no. And own the no became our little hashtag. It was just, yeah. And people still, you were telling me a couple weeks ago, people still refer to it. Yeah.

I'm like, whoa. Yeah,

Sang Thi Duong: she, yeah, she sends it. It's great. And because even then it was, you don't have, we don't wanna say no because we don't wanna hurt someone's feeling. We feel like we're obligated, all these different things, but society tells us that and all these things, and I'm me.

If anything you should know about me. I like to defy societal norms to no end like you. I'm a rule follower, so to speak, but also defying the norm. It's a little bit different. Yes, I'm still gonna, the top of the stop sign. I might paint it pink.

RJ Redden: It might just get a little face lift.

Sang Thi Duong: Yeah.

I dunno. Add a little glitter in there. Cause you can see it there.

RJ Redden: That's right. This is, maybe this is the answer to some traffic problems. Yeah. And I'm a rule follower to an extent. But only because you should know the rules before you start breaking them. Yeah. Absolut.

Yeah. Because, the rule following is really just a, it was a front, it's a front. It's going away soon, usually. I just like that about you so much. And gosh, we were talking about some of the things you have going on. Do you wanna tell folks about what what's maybe coming up this summer maybe?

Sang Thi Duong: Yeah. There's so many things. It's funny cause I, when I think about it and I go back and I, you asked me what do I do? And I told you, depends on the day. Yeah. But there's also so many other things that I do. I also am a life and business and career. Nobody even knows some of the things that I do, and they're just always amazed.

I've been a res a certified resume writer for 10 years. I also stopped using social media a couple years ago when I technically didn't give up the crown. I was done with my reign as Ms. U s A Universal. And and I had to be on social media because of the contract, and so I got off of social media and then I, because I didn't even use social media then for it to.

To run my business. It was always 99 99. I say 99.9%. Cause the one person that came from social media, which was Pinterest, was some weird thing that she came and looked at me and then she saw something I wrote about Michael Jordan. It was weird, but we became, but we did so much business together.

But but no I, so I teach all those things and that's why I said it just depends on the day. But I do love teaching businesses how to market their business without social media. It's totally doable. Totally possible. You can run six, seven, a million thousand figures, right? Without social media, it can be done.

The other piece is the summer I am working on, it should be in the next week or so. It's called the Summer of Pleasure Program. It's just, it's gonna be a summer of pleasure. And I know people are like, what is pleasure? You know what? You get to define. You get to define what pleasure is for you.

My pleasure comes in this form of sparkly things, many

RJ Redden: sparkly things. Everybody spark.

Sang Thi Duong: Spark comes in,

comes in the form, it comes. Every day. We never wake up with the same attitude. We never wake up with the same, our body's not feeling the same every day. One day we wanna stay in the bed. One day we wanna listen to some kid rock music or something like that. Or someday we wanna listen to George Strait. I don't know, then we wanna get our Beyonce on. So then, you never know what anybody wants, what you wanna do. But you get to do that, and you get to own that. And what's great is you're gonna be surrounded by women who are doing the same thing and they're gonna be sharing. And what happens when you get a group of people together and they start sharing, they get excited.

Yeah. And then you're gonna be, you're gonna have more energy and you're gonna be more motivated. And you're gonna have, you're gonna be like inclined to have more experiences. You're gonna wanna go explore your own pleasure wheelhouse, right? Because it. No. What is that saying? This meeting could have been an email, right?

Yeah. No more attending meetings. That can be emails. Just say, no thank you. Just shoot me an email. Lemme know. Just so it's all about just saying yes to you and saying yes to what makes you happy. And doing that. And you're gonna be surrounded by so many women who are doing the same thing. And it's when you're around people who are doing the same thing and everybody's oh, okay, I wanna try that.

Okay, I wanna lay, and now we're gonna get into the super pleasure. Yeah, lay there and rub me with a feather, right? Rub my neck with a feather. Go get me this. Go get me this so I can drink my hot tea outta it. Nobody says you have to drink just water outta it.

Don't drink hot tea. Do what you want. And so amazing. And I'm gonna have two special coaches. They're gonna come. And talk about one's gonna talk about having your own back, and it's such a life-changing program that I did with her. And so just so many things. I just, there's so many things I could probably just go on the rest of the night, but we don't have that kind of time and I gotta drink more water, so clearly. So there's so many things going on, but yeah, I just, yeah, that's, it's a summer of pleasure.

RJ Redden: Yeah I'm pretty fascinated with it because, that's one of the things that we don't talk about as business owners is the invisible workload and the amount of things that we do. And the fact that we live in a society that says pleasure, happiness needs to be deferred.

You need to work really hard, get into good school, work really hard there, get a job, work really hard there raise some kids. And then at 65 you can retire and have some fun. Holy moly. An a I'm doing none of those things in order. B. I don't see the sense in waiting and the real, the, yes, I would like to go and hang out on a beach with my wife.

Right now, no. Neither one of us can just pick up and take off for a week. That's just not reasonable. But what are the simple things? Yeah, so I can have

Sang Thi Duong: day, and it's literally could be as simple as maybe some lotion that you try. Maybe it's a new tea that you do, it's a new anything. It literally could, it could be new lace panties.

I'm very dramatic when I share stories because the only way people act actually pay attention, right? Cause they're gonna be like, that's the lady that talked about late panties. Yes. And so you brought up something really good because I've been I had a little minor back surgery a couple weeks ago and I've been ha I've had two movies on repeat.

One was Eat, pray, love, because I just think it's great. And then The Hangover, because it got me through one of my super dark times in my life when it first came out. And so there's a part in Eat, pray, love, where they're in the barbershop. And Julia Roberts is talking. They're talking about work.

And they're like, you Americans, right? All you do is work and then you think that you have to get permission basically, or something like that to, to have fun and to have pleasure. And over here we're just like, you wanna go take a nap? Go take a nap. Yeah. It's the same thing here. It's the same thing I do.

And so there's, if you ever go, it's on Netflix right now, so you can go watch it. Netflix should be paying me for this now. But like Netflix, it's on Netflix, eat, pray, love. It's literally the part, like right before she goes to the To the meditation place. I can't think of it, but they're in the, they're in the barbershop and she's talking, they're talking about pleasure and how we just work and work, and we think that we have to earn it.

And then, oh, and then he said something like, oh, and then you get this beer and you drink it on a Friday night, and then you're all messed up for two days. And then you gotta go back to work and you think you have to just work work. And that's it. And so it's, it's, if I told you guys how old I was, and that I live outta my suitcase and I do what I want and I made my, and my kids are grown, grown people, my kids look at me and they go, Ugh. I went, we can't wait to be like you. Yeah. And I think that's great.

RJ Redden: It is, and it's more about, it is more, much more about this moment than it is about some previously allotted time that has been set aside. We might not live that long. I want to enjoy, having my business and doing my thing. And it was actually just this morning that, my, one of my pleasures is creative making Leo's doing little things, just devising things that will entertain my clients and others.

I love it and it makes me. So happy that it gives me huge energy for the rest of the day. Yeah. Cause

Sang Thi Duong: the thing is, no one's, you're not, you're at the end of the day, do you say, man, I really, at the end of your life, are you gonna say, oh my gosh, I wish I had sent more emails. I wish I had spent more time on social media.

I really wish I had worked more hours and not spent any time with my family Who's gonna say that, right? No, I don't wanna say that. Here's the thing, and this is part of what I teach too like in terms of like marketing. And this is your time, right? Time has always been something that's been very precious to me.

I lost my mom when I was 27, and so I lo, I feel like I lost all this time with my mom, right? And so the average persons been, I dunno, 147 minutes on social media. And I like to make jokes cause I'm Asian, but I don't, I'm not good at math. Ok. So but I dunno, seven minutes a day.

I don't know, I think it comes out to 29, 29 days a year. Something like that. And if I said, rj, you get 29 days back in your. I'm pretty sure you're not gonna tell me you're gonna go send more emails. Yeah, no, you

toilet little longer than last.

So when you think about that and then you're doing that over the longevity of your time, and just think about people being on social media is just only increasing and here's the thing, if you're around 40 years old, that's at this point, four years. Four years, four years, you have probably spent on social media at this point.

Yeah. And I've said, Hey, you know what, I'll be like, Oprah. You get another four years, you get another four years, you get another four years. And it just comes down to being conscious of your time, but knowing the time that you're spending on social media, are you really making the mo are, what's your roi?

Oh God, you break it down. I mean there's so many things. Again, I don't do math, I've to do something else, but but when you think about all of it and it all comes together, I would rather say I'm gonna. I'm gonna go spend an extra two days with my son or spend an, go spend an extra time with my daughter or something like that.

Go spend extra time with my friends, and I get to do that, and that's gonna make me happier, which also is gonna make me more productive. Yeah. And I'm gonna be more focused when it's time to sit here and have a conversation, or I'm, working on a program or I'm doing my coaching or I'm doing any of those things.

It just it brings me, and we're also much happier. Yeah,

RJ Redden: it's true. Just happier and there's no energy drop. Do you know what I mean? There's no I've in eight meetings today, I'm about to go brain dead. You don't have to live that way. So this concept of, the.

Pleasure. Summer. Did you say? It was summer

Sang Thi Duong: pleasure. Summer pleasure. The summer of pleasure.

RJ Redden: Yeah. I mean it's such a great thing to teach people how to do because we are way carrying we are carry, carrying way beyond what we should be carrying and we're putting off. We're putting off our own

Sang Thi Duong: piece.

Stop saying sh. Stop saying yes to shit. That bores you, right? You get invited to a party, you don't wanna go. No, thank you. No, thank you. Not in my pleasure will help. It's so fascinating because when I say that to, they're like, oh my God, that's the cutest thing. I was like, yeah, you should try it. It works.

Totally works. It totally. And you're not mad about it cause you're not mad because you're so cute. And now you get to use it from somebody else. Yeah. And I've actually challenged people I think on my LinkedIn. I think somebody, I said that to someone one day and I, she's oh my, that's so cute.

And lemme know, report back. Yay. Lemme know how goes, this is what happens when you're in the parking lot.

RJ Redden: Oh, no worries darling. We got you covered. No, I, yeah and the ability to just What was that? There's the oh, the, was it the secret joy of not giving up? Bleep? Yeah. Yeah. I love that.

Sarah Knight wrote that book, and it just really, it's a hilarious book, by the way. Yes. Go get it. But but yeah. The being able to say I really care about these things. Yeah. And I'm supposed to carry, I care about a mountain of other things, but I don't, and I'm just gonna say it right and it's gonna be okay.

Saying no to things and welcoming in what brightens our life. You don't have to deserve happiness.

Sang Thi Duong: You don't have to deserve to say you need a nap. If your body tells you need a nap, go take a nap. Go get nap. That's it.

RJ Redden: My dog and I call him Siestas.

Sang Thi Duong: You know what, call it what you want.

It could be your pleasure. Nap. Yeah.

RJ Redden: I just walk outta my office and I say ranger, it's time for a siesta. And he's oh, okay. And just runs to the bedroom. I don't get any judgment from Ranger. That's one of the reasons I love him so much. But but. The bottom line is of course we're gonna be judged by others.

We're gonna be judged every day, 24 7, whether we like it or not. We're gonna judge, be judged by people we don't, people we don't know, people we don't care for. And when I was finally able to say, I do not care about impressing someone, I do not care for life just sort

Sang Thi Duong: of opened. And I'm gonna tell you this is a tiny pleasure of mine.

Isn't that I really enjoy hearing the stories that people make up about me, right? It's much more fun to hear what they've come up with. Then to participate in it, and then I just go, wow, that's what you think my life is like, and I just think it's cute. Like I just, I, but I just embrace it. I embrace what it is and I'm like, because you can think whatever you want to, because unless you sit down with me and ask me.

You have no idea. You're literally just making up whatever you wanna see. And everybody does it. We all do it. We've all done it to some degree, yeah. But, it's just, it's so funny. I like that part. I always tell people, I always love to hear what other people have to say about me first.

Yeah. Yeah. And for example, as a matter of fact, I had a meeting like four days after I had back surgery. And apparently the lady was upset that I wasn't giving. I wasn't like, first of all, it was uncomfortable. I didn't disclose in the meeting that I had just had back surgery. And apparently she was upset that I wasn't giving my undivided attention, my full attention, and I kept, I just wasn't paying attention, she said, and I was like, okay.

And I wasn't mad about it. I was like, okay. She didn't know. And it's fine. I'm not mad at her about it. I'm not making her wrong about it. It just is what it's,

RJ Redden: yeah. So many life lessons I've learned from this particular individual. What's how would you love for people to contact you?

Sang Thi Duong: So funny, I have this amazing friend, Audrey.

I attended this thing. I did all of her things, and I go, you know what? That is the simplest way to have people connect with you. So I went and did a thing yesterday so you can. Meet sang.com.

RJ Redden: Whoa. I'm throwing that

Sang Thi Duong: in the notes. I literally, I think that's why one of my ahas I had yesterday, but I was like, yo, that's so simple.

And of course not many people have, I say this with all the love because I don't run into a bunch of Asians with my name. Yeah. And so I always tell people, have you ever met a saying before? And they're usually like, no. And I go, great, I'm it. And even if you met one after me, it does not matter because they're not gonna be as good as me and they're not as memorable.

That's it. And it's probably a dude because it's a dude's name, so there's that. But yeah, meat saying.com. I'm like so stoked over that though. Like it literally, I fucking, oh, I freaking giggled for 30 minutes after I did it and I was like, oh, this is so cute.

RJ Redden: Yeah, I did that what, how many years ago?

Meet rj.com. I did that and and then my zoom link is Zoom with rj and like people are always like, how do you make that work? I'm like,

Sang Thi Duong: yeah, like I've done it all the time. And so eventually, just so you know, the summer of pleasure. Is what it's gonna be for the summer. But yeah, so if somebody wants to chat, I'm totally doing complimentary chats.

Just that, if you wanna just pick my brain for however 60 minutes, that's it. You only get 60 minutes. So questions, you wanna talk, you wanna chat, you wanna figure out some little things that's going on? Totally. I'm down. Let's. And and yeah, the summer of pleasure.com is gonna be live in a couple weeks.

So just be looking for that And yeah, I'm totally excited about the summer of pleasure. It's gonna be so exciting. I'm looking I was asking a friend today just to put a little drop out there, there may be a yacht or a boat involved.

RJ Redden: I suppose that's that's pretty cool. Yeah. Gosh. Hold on. I'm trying to get it to roll across the bottom, but I think I've forgotten how to make that happen.

Sang Thi Duong: Okay.

RJ Redden: Meet saying.com is certainly the first one. And yeah, absolutely. And yeah oh gosh, it's really Bri's driving me crazy. There it is. All there we go. Look at.

It's just, it's always an eye-opener to talk to you sang. By the way, sang is one of the people that taught me. You need to show up as your true self every single time. There is no use in trying to be that person that everybody should there is no reason to dumb your message down so that other people will feel comfortable.

There is no need to do any of that. Because you're really just putting yourself, you're putting something in the way of your own success if you do that. And on behalf of everybody I know that has benefited from me knowing that. Thank you on behalf of me. Thank you.

Sang Thi Duong: Do you have any,

RJ Redden: Final words of ultimate wisdom you would like to give to the audience?

Sang Thi Duong: Ultimate wisdom. One I think is to just like one of those things where you're exactly where you're supposed to. And you don't know what you don't know, right? And it's okay to change your mind, right? Like you're not stuck with doing, if you say, if you say yes and you really want to say no, you can still go back and say, no, I just wanna say that.

Just get up every day and ask yourself, what do I need from. And not even necessarily need cause, where you got food, water, all those things. What do I want for me today? What do I wanna feel today? And if you ask yourself, you wake up in the morning and you ask yourself, what do I wanna feel today?

And then seek that feeling out all day. Yeah. Seek it out. Nobody wakes up, I promise you. And if you do, You should probably go to meet saying.com. If you wake up and say, I just wanna be angry all day. We need to talk conversation. You know what I mean? But if you, I wanna feel happy. I wanna feel joy, I wanna feel alive.

Do the things that Bringing that feeling. Yeah. And I say that it's sound and people are like, oh my gosh, that's so hard. It's really simple. It's as simple. This is as simple as this. It's as simple as my donut that I'm gonna eat as soon as we're done. Like it's so simple. So simple.

We do not have to make it difficult. Just see you. Be happy and love yourself. There's only one of you, you only get one life. Yeah.

RJ Redden: Yeah, it's true. I wanna thank you for coming on. This has been a joy. Let me know when Summer of Pleasure opens so that I can give a link out to people so they can rediscover what gives them joy.

I would be happy to promote that. More of us absolutely need it. And for all of y'all listening out there we'll be. Same bot time, same bot channel. And and yeah come on to LinkedIn. Connect with me, sign up for some of my events. We're gonna have a rocking time this month as we do every month.


Sang Thi Duong: Absolutely every month.

RJ Redden: That is right. Leave no month behind darling's. That's right. There you go. And I'm just gonna play our little outro music. Thanks everybody. See you soon.

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