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Feb. 9, 2023

📍EEA: How Endre Hoffmann Changes Minds to Change Lives

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming and how does it affect our personalities? When negative, it impacts how we perceive ourselves and lowers our feelings of self-worth.

Endre Hoffmann will explain its intricacies ⬇️⬇️

This Thursday a guest on my podcast was Endre Hoffmann, the Doctor of Self-Worth!   

He is known for helping business owners & leaders who experience a lack of confidence, self-doubt, feeling exhausted & working hard. He removes the struggle from their mind so they achieve confidence and peace within. He also reconnects them to their authentic leadership & naturally high self-worth.  

By changing minds, Endre is changing lives!

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--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/epic-engagement-adventure/message

Still reading? Fantastic!!! For those that read this far, I have a special gift. 🎁

Come join us in the We Kick Bot Community. It's full of people who are looking for a better way to do their marketing. Also, we have fun. Lots of it. 🎉


Interview with Endre Hoffmann

RJ Redden: Hold on to your goggles. It's time for the Epic Engagement Adventure.

Hey everybody, you know what time it is. It is time for. For the epic engagement adventure, I'm of course your host hoes hire me to skyrocket there marketing. And today I have a very special guest. He is the doctor of self-worth. Andre, come on in here. Tell us who you are. Tell us how you came up with that title.

We wanna know everything.

Endre Hoffmann: Thanks very much. I'm really happy to be on your show. Had some it hiccups, but I've taken a deep breath in and I'm back in my center. So my story is the painful childhood with my dad. He came from, yeah, not feeling good enough, not feeling loved, acknowledged, and it took me 34 years to work myself out.

Rabbit hole. It took me living in four countries, traveling 64, failing in relationships, failing businesses to eventually learn from these recurring events and get committed to shift this. The mind, which. creating a loop in my life, and I'm talking about every area of life, like social anxiety. I couldn't even talk front of three people.

I have done everything I could to prove myself that's been most of my life to my dad, who's not alive anymore. The mind has these ways to really trip a life and this is, I just seen this photo. and it said, I think it's from Bob Proctor. It said, there's this box and if you live in a box, then the instructions to get out of the box is on the outside.

Ah, . And that's a massive problem for a lot of people. Cause this work cannot be done on your own. And NLB has brought me out of. Trans state of not feeling good enough, unworthy, can't have this, can't have that. I have so much pressure from family and children that eventually I became 10 out of bang committed.

I said, if this is the last thing I'm gonna tackle in my life, then single-mindedly, I will seek someone who could unlock my own potential. And it took me about six to 12. Strangely, after 34 years of running in circles to realize that I'm now another version of me and the Doctor of Southworth brand has come from my client , because really, and I realized this took me so long.

What if I could compress the journey to maybe six or 12? maybe not wasting $150,000 and moving countries and losing relationships and a lot of money that I invested into and never worked out. I wanted to compress and make it so much easier for people to uncover who they are, tapp tapping to their potential, and then take action from that new mindset.

Because I wanna make a point here. I was taking. I did strive. I did all I could from the old identity, the old self image, and I was tripping myself every possible way. And I didn't even know I was telling myself, this is the next thing, the next seminar, the with Tony Robbins. This is John Demas breakthrough.

Oh, I've done all of that. Yeah. It was not. Zeroed on my psychological challenges. It was a big RARA event and I love them, but unless you are able to find it in you and find help direct, probably you'll be having fun on these events. And I did have some fun, spent a lot of money, but the doctor of Southworth now is helping people.

In many time zones and in many countries and I have business owners, business leaders to tap into their next version of South, to multiply their impact in life and business and eventually have the song out in the world in their own unique and quirky way. And who else could teach that any better than you are?

Jay, have I answered your question

RJ Redden: You sure did, but. More I all Andre. So you, N L P is pretty pretty pivotal. Can you tell the audience what, if they don't know what N L P is?

Endre Hoffmann: Absolutely. N L P is neural linguistic programming and it is about how you process information that comes from the.

In a very small and easy way to explain. You only take in 1% of what's happening around you and you missing 99, and unfortunately have certain filters that are, I've got a demonstration too. If you have a filter of I'm not good enough. You literally have a distorted view of, Your mind starts to filter out the information that is evidence to you are not feeling good enough, you're not deserving it.

So in a, in essence, you project your beliefs into the world. And I know it sounds spooky, and I thought, this must be not me. We all do it. Why? Because the mind. Automating the mind is trying to help you so you're not frying your brain. There's so much happening these days. If you're a numbers person, it's millions of bit per second information, and the human mind can only take in hundred and 34.

You've got wonderful filters from childhood, from authorities who were telling you certain things you've taken on as an. and these days your results are the absolute proof of your beliefs. So it's very easy to find where you are lacking with this, with your mindset. I really simplified it, I hope, and NLP is changing the filters, so you have this consistency of getting what you want in life and business and in relationships because it applies to every area of life.


RJ Redden: It almost sounds like it's a, it's an endless site type of feedback loop. You are projecting probably unconsciously what as a result of that, that filtering and that projection, and then that tells you a certain thing, and then that's what you send back out there. It sounds an endless feedback loop is that's a super layman's version, but did I get that right at all?

Endre Hoffmann: You really got it. And the tricky part is that you can get stuck in this, hoping that the book, the seminar, this video will resolve this for you. And I was telling that myself for 20 years. Remember that you're watching that video, you're watching that seminar. The filter is back on you.

unfortunately taking in all of the informations with the filters on. Yeah. So your mind is not designed to make you happy or rich or famous or inspiring. No. It has only one agenda to keep you safe, to keep you in the old familiar patterns because this mind is millions of years old and it loves familiar.

It keeps you in the cave, so to speak. That is a familiar ground and you need to really change those filters, but you can't change it if you don't know that you are wearing them. Yeah.

RJ Redden: Yeah. Impossible to fix something you don't know might be faulty. Yeah. So that's, that sounds like it was, the turning point.

I know that we are fed that we, we need. Attend this seminar, read this book, walk on this. We're taught, we're only, this far away and we just need to do that one thing. But you're right. If you're still, if you, I love those glasses by the way. You're still wearing your filters.

You will get the same result. Was there just was. Event that made you, you say to yourself, oh I think I've been wearing a filter this whole time. Was that one event or was that maybe a series of events that woke you up to that?

Endre Hoffmann: I think for a lot of people, and for me, certainly the wake up calls were coming and the, they were more, more intense.

When I, when you get to the stage, and it happened to me certainly. , like life is a big coaching session. It's teaching you about your limitations. . So working with me just accelerates the process. And if I look at my life, if it was a teaching lesson then the intensity first. There is a few subtle signs that you got some issues here.

Things are not going well. Maybe you're losing money. Some relationships are not working out. I have certainly had all of those, but then life starts to really put the pressure on. Yeah, so you wake up out of your trends because this is a trends, it's a self hypnotic trends, stories that you tell yourself.

Unfortunately the stories are coming from the past, probably parents, whatever happened to you, how have you have labeled it? And for me, the wake up call, . We came to Australia here 10 years ago. I said the fourth country. I thought now I'm gonna really make it. And I got into the old habit of working hard.

That's all I've seen in my childhood. I'm coming from Budapest, central Europe, world Wars, lack of everything, like not good enough. That's the minimum that we have and the that's not enough and I have to work hard. So when. That was a really hard week. I almost fall fallen asleep at work, was dangerous. I was driving trucks at the time and I got home and I kept falling asleep when it was bad time stories to read for my kids, and I became, my dad was so disconnected, anxious, fearful, not enough sleep, and it became a slapping competition.

They were slapping me on the face because I told them, just wake me. When you need to. I was so sad. I realized that how could I end up in this working 12 hours a day, doing my side hustle for another two, three hours, not being available physically, mentally, emotionally, to my ma, to my children, to my kids.

Like, how did this happen? Something must change. Fundamentally, I need to put this as the most important. part of me or a project that if I don't work this out, I'd rather kill son. That's how much pain I needed. I was at the stage where I would've lost this relationship and probably my children because my wife said probably we should just move on.

There's not much difference really, because you come home to sleep and there's no connect. between you and us anymore, and you're telling yourself that you're going to change. That was the most painful part, that they became skeptical that I will ever change. And I said this is the only single thing that I will tackle.

And it took me about a year from that point, but 10 out of 10 commitment, pain level. Unfortunately for most of us, it needs to.

RJ Redden: Yeah. Yeah. And to, it's hard to see, how hard you've worked all of your life to try and become a better person. Only to wake up and be exactly who you do not wanna be is a hard moment for Buddy. And, but it was your turn. .

Endre Hoffmann: It was your turning point and looking back I've done, again, I want to just point out generational patterns.

I did not want to be like my dad. , that was my sole purpose because I've seen this broken man. I found out, cheated on my mom fearful, anxious, blaming everyone. So I said I'll be the opposite. Not. It didn't work. I became almost like him in another version, another limited version. So it was outside of my head.

Yeah. Somebody had to come and prickle that bubble so I can wake up that, Hey, I'm going up. I've got some things to share. and now I have changed hundreds and probably thousands of lives through, I've got an orphan project called Visit Orphans. Today I wanna make it a movement, a heart-centered revolution where people call into orphanages, they teach, spend time with them, give what they can in every country of this planet.

And and also through my. Through business owners, business leaders, it is a ripple effect when head of an organization is shifting, there's new energies in teams, there's new efficiency, there's new teamwork. They are feeling safe to bringing creativity.

RJ Redden: Very exciting. I'm loving the Orphan Project.

That is, that's just something I never think about. The, here's a comment from Nora here. And just the brain. Brain is trying to keep us safe. It's not trying to do anything else, as you were saying. It's so important to remember. And now we come to that point, Andre, where I ask you what I ask everyone on this podcast.

How do you engage your audience?

Endre Hoffmann: What a great question. I do have a couple of ways. I I do have a group, three groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. I do. Several ways of social media contents. I use stories at times because that really gets front of the eyes of people only once a week. I don't like overloading people.

There's a whole lot I know, and there's a big competition out there. Then I drop sort of these, I call this cold content for people that wouldn't know me much to engage in question a bit of a triggering one. So they really ask themselves that hard question. And of course it's in context, have you had enough pain or can't stand the voice in your head, like really getting into their psychology because that's what they're experiencing.

My old version of self, that was me, the funny years. And yeah, I do have longer type of posts where I do a case. , I do have two, three minute tiny videos of clients telling their experiences of what they have gone through at a longer session or at times through a five 10 session process. And and I use a couple of social channels as well as I have an email list.

The email list, I know it's old school, but what. It's a very useful and powerful tool even today to engage

RJ Redden: people. It really can be, if you're using it well, it really can be a beautiful tool. Wow. Yeah. And you, I just wanna point out that you've done a couple of really engaging things today just during this interview.

And one of them is your yellow glasses, right? So you're illustrating a point. We've all been living in these zoom squares for a good couple of years now, and you use the space to the very best of your advantage by creating an. And having a physical thing to back it. So I just, I found that very engaging.

I will say and for people listening to this on the podcast, sorry, you missed the glasses. Go to LinkedIn and see this because it's worth it. There are so many ways to engage your audience and it sounds like you are a very kind of, you have a holistic approach. It's. A, it's not the shotgun result.

It's much more it's much more holistic in thinking about the entire person, which I think is wonderful. I wish more people did that. There

Endre Hoffmann: is another few things came up at times I use a bit of a rant type of, A lot of people are annoyed. Remember that then that, that's where you want to connect with them.

Are you pissed off about this? A bit of a rant to share? It's not because I'm a very peaceful person, but if I want to connect with that audience, then that's where people are then I need to pick a topic and I do that once, twice a week. Which is really meeting them at that place of, oh, this has happened to.

I need to exaggerate it because , I live in peace. I don't really take things as an offense or personally, but I need to go back to my old self. Yes. And I was angry at myself. I was angry at even my wife that we have these children that how could I end up here in a job working hard? Whereas I was just wanted to be a free man traveling around, like before in the backpack.

Yeah. A bit of a victim. Cuz a lot of people are living as victims of their circumstances, but most importantly, victims of their own mind.

RJ Redden: It's the truth. It's absolutely the truth. Would you would you like to tell 'em about free, a little free gift that you have for. So I'm really excited about this.

Endre Hoffmann: I've created two since we met last time. I do have a free book. It's called Journey to Your Authentic Self Worth. It's 10 of your own pages because short attention span these days, it is got a few exercises for you to unlock your own patterns that may be holding you back. And it's, there's a bit of a story of mine.

Plus I created another one. It's called Self-worth Principles. It's just two pages. Grab them for free because they are principles you could start apply to really come back to your amazing self, to who you could be. And I've learned this for decades. Failing

Please don't make it hard. It's already hard enough for some of you. And there on my page absolutely go and engage and and also you find me hashtag Doctor of Southworth on plenty of social medias like Twitter and Insta and Facebook, LinkedIn, and also recently on. She's probably not. Not my place, although I have to say if you have an unconventional approach, and this is totally unexpected for me.

I posted a 15 second clip on TikTok about my kids climbing a wall. Yeah. And it's an interactive horse. It's got some lights and it looks like almost a media game, but they're actually climbing a vault. I couldn't believe what happened. probably in the last three or four weeks, it's now 9.2 million views.

I wish when I'm talking about the difficulties of shifting south First image, self image, and your identity, I would love to have that much engagement, but that's not the case and I could not. the content anymore. I wanted to .

RJ Redden: Wow. It is crazy. What. People pick up. As opposed to, when you're talking about self-worth, which is something you carry with you everywhere, knowingly, or not for every day, every hour of your life that would seem more important than kids climbing a wall, but I don't know , it's just not, it's what people grab onto.

What an interesting experience with with TikTok. I I myself will not allow myself at this time to to do that thing because I got a life. I've got a life. I got things that are going on. I don't have enough the time, I don't think, but but. You heard it here, folks.

Journey to your authentic self-worth ebook. We put the link in we put the link into care and we showed it up here. It's a free download. And then the, and then the self-worth principles, you said?

Endre Hoffmann: Yes. It's up there at the top of the page, huh? Oh, yeah. . I want to share one more thing, though. Yes.

I talked about TikTok. I talked about Twitter and Insta, but my secret is I'm a content creator. , I've got 15 minutes for these three pages. Three. , 15 minutes, literally every week. I don't do anything else, so I created boundaries to stay in the creative. . Yeah. Whereas that tells me the 9.2 million views on that funny video on about climbing world is telling me that those people are cons.

Consumers, yeah. Browsing, distracting themselves. Let's get here. Probably distracting themselves from what their true challenge is in life or what they should be working on. Probably who am. what I wanna do with my life that's meaningful, and what do I need to learn to get there. Yeah.

RJ Redden: I know a lot. Many people use that as a distraction, and I wish people, more people had the skill of being able to set limits around that. Because there are people that I know that just feel like that's what they do all day is post post, post. Those social media machines are hungry and just always are demanding something.

Found a way around that. And that is to set limits. That's wonder. . I wanna thank you for coming by today. I know we had some tick issues at the beginning. Tech is beautiful when it works and when it doesn't, it's a real pain. But this guy sailed through that with a champ. And thank, bring your wisdom with us folks.

Get hold of. Get a hold of Dr. Andre here. BEC it's a vital thing that we deal with our insides before we try to go outside of ourselves to win other people to a cause to try to, be coaches. All the things that we wanna do at the foundation of it is self-worth. And you've got the doctor right here.

That's it for now, everybody. I'll be back next week with another amazing. I don't know how we could possibly talk dr. Andre. But we will have another amazing guest next week. And that's all I have for now my friends. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and I will see you in a bot.

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Endre Hoffman

I am known as the Doctor of Self-Worth. I help business owners & leaders who experience a lack of confidence, self-doubt, feeling exhausted & working hard. I remove the struggle from their mind so they achieve confidence and peace within. I reconnect them to their authentic leadership & naturally high self-worth.
As a result, they enjoy emotional freedom and multiply their impact in business and personal life. Whilst they are working with me, they regain a self-image and they find new space to tap into their true genius and purpose.

By Changing minds, I am changing lives. I do not separate my mission or business from my personal life. I believe deep conversations bring new consciousness and results. That is what I am about, the guards come off and personal transformations take place that leads to business breakthroughs.